Wednesday, August 18, 2010

9 rooms painted!

I finally painted the mudroom/pantry in our house this past weekend (it was on my summer to-do list, but I didn't actually get to it until school started up again! Go figure!). While cleaning up I realized that it was the 9th room I have painted since moving into our home. Here is a list of the rooms I have painted with links to any posts I have done on those rooms.

#1 Entryway
#2 Four Seasons Room
#3 Kitchen
#4 Living Room
#5 Main Bathroom
#6 Master Bathroom
#7 Craft Room
#8 Basement Bathroom
#9 Mud Room/Pantry

The room has undergone a complete transformation since we moved in. This picture shows how completely boring and cluttered/disorganized the room was when we first saw it.

The mudroom smelled terribly of dogs and cats. I believed that most of the smell was trapped in the red 70's carpet that covered the floor. I ripped that out soon after we moved in and replaced it with adhesive vinyl tiles. If you know me, you know that I absolutely love these things! I have used them in several of our houses. They are so easy to install and they have so many great looking options that are reasonably priced. This went a long way in freshening and brightening up the room. Though the walls were dirty and stained, there were several other more important things to tackle on my list than a room we barely used and nobody ever sees. Now that I am low on funds for any home improvement projects, I can only work on things that I have supplies on hand for. The paint for this room was leftover paint from the dining room which the previous homeowners had purchased to neutralize the space for sale. The room smelled instantly better and felt cleaner and more comfortable with the very first brush stroke!

Though nobody else sees this room, it is so nice to walk through this room to the garage daily and have it be clean, fresh and organized! It was great that the paint was free, but the house is starting to feel a bit bland! All but 4 rooms in the house are the same shade of tan. As soon as I have a little bit of money, I may have to pick out a really great color and get to giving this home a little personality!

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Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

It looks great. We've never used the stick-on tiles. Sounds like a great option, though. We did the floating vinyl in the bathroom downstairs and while I liked it at the time, it's really really hard to look clean. i picked a color that traps dirt. I would do something different next time. I think I'm just a little spoiled with my hard wood floors. :)

9 rooms! That's quite an accomplishment. Painting is a big job, but such a great fix to any room.