Wednesday, July 28, 2010

(Not so) Green with envy

It was hard to look past the hunter green carpeting, mint green walls and sage green crown moulding in our new homes' living room and notice the beautiful marble fireplace and large window overlooking the river.

After freshening up the kitchen cabinets with some bright white cabinet paint, I had quite a bit leftover and decided to use it to banish one of the greens from the living room by painting the crown moulding. The paint was very thick, yet required several coats to fully cover the dark green of the moulding.
Once the moulding was bright white and looking pretty, I was driven to paint the walls as well. I went to WalMart and purchased a gallon of paint in a neutral color that matched the rest of the main living areas on the first floor of our home. It took 2 coats of paint (I was scraping the bottom of the can towards the end) to cover the mint green color of the walls, and get in all of the crevices of the wall texture. All of that painting along with our furniture made the room much more livable.

A few months later, we replaced the hunter green carpet with a brown frieze carpet. Finally, the only green left in the whole room was from my faux greenery!

The couches in the room are about 7 years old, so we have talked about purchasing something new once we knock a few more important things off of the to do list. A ceiling fan/light combo is in the works for the room as there is not enough light at night and a fan would help to circulate the air. Randy has a friend who is an electrician who has offered to do it in his spare time. I also plan to install some built-ins next to the fireplace to beef up that wall and give it more presence. I have been looking at different options for that from buying existing bookshelves and adding molding, to purchasing kitchen cabinets to fit the space. Though these things will have to wait for now, I can picture how the room will look when I am all finished with it and I love it already!

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