Monday, June 14, 2010

Finished Laundry Room

About 3 months ago, we tore out the carpet in the main part of the basement laundry room/bathroom. The ugly carpet came up easily enough, it was the "padding" that was awful. This black padding was glued directly to the concrete and had to be scraped off of the floor.

Though it was a lot of preparation work, actually laying down the laminated adhesive tiles was so easy! And affordable. We spent a total of $60 for 3 boxes of the tile which covered this large room and left a few extras in case there is reason to replace one in the future.
For areas like the drain hole in the floor, I used the backing paper from a tile I had already used and traced around the drain. I then used that as a template to cut the tile that I would actually be using. For the most part though, I just used full tiles and didn't have to do much cutting. The tiles that I used had arrows on the back that showed the direction to put the tiles so that they lined up right. You just lay the tiles so that the arrows point the same direction, if you do not they will get out of line and not be exactly square.

After finishing the main part of the bathroom, I was satisfied, for awhile. This past weekend, I decided to attack the small corner that housed our laundry area. I put this off mainly because it required moving the washer and dryer, but I couldn't stand the ugly carpet any longer. I had to move one appliance at a time, tear out the carpet (cutting the carpet out in small chunks), scrap up the padding, sweep away the debris and lay down the laminate tiles. Though it took almost as much time as the rest of the room, it is nice to have all signs of the ugly carpet gone and the project crossed off of my to do list.

I am absolutely in love with my bright, clean and beautiful laundry room! (Not enough that I enjoy actually doing the laundry though!)

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