Saturday, June 5, 2010

Reese's Big Girl Room

A few weeks ago I realized that the 3 in 1 toddler bed/changing table combo that Reese was using, was actually one of the recalled cribs. I called the store where we purchased it and found out that without our receipt (couldn't find it anywhere!)they would give us an in store credit for a certain amount. Considering that the store is over an hour away and did not have anything that we were willing to purchase there to replace her bed, we decided to throw out the metal support bars and use the bed as a queen headboard and separate dresser. We had purchased a princess comforter for the bed when we had our previous house listed for sale so that we did not have 2 cribs in the house. We decided to set the bed back up as a toddler bed in the new house, because Reese did not sleep so well in the larger queen sized bed. The first night in her new bed, Reese slept later than she had been and woke up to tell me that she loved her new bed! I still want to paint the room, but for now it is on the way to being a beautiful big girl's room!

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