Friday, June 4, 2010

3 projects out of 1 curtain panel

When I got the bedding set for our new master bedroom, I desperately wanted to buy one of the matching decorative pillows, but the things were about $20 each! Way more than I wanted to spend after having $130 stuck in the comforter, skirt and shams (I bought the set on sale at Kohls while they were running Kohl's cash special, so it was like getting it for $110). I had bought three curtain panels that matched on clearance at Target for about $20 each. We used 2 of the panels on the patio door and I had one left. I considered taking it back, but decided that I could use it above the bed, so I bought another curtain rod and hung it up. I love that it gives you something to look at.

After hanging it up, I realized that there was a lot of fabric behind the bed that you would never see, so I hacked the curtain off just below the headboard. I then framed some of the fabric and hung it up in the master bathroom to tie in the color schemes.

After that I still had fabric left, so decided to make myself a decorative pillow. I folded the fabric in half and then sewed the bottom and sides to fit a pillow off of our couch (there are 9 pillows on our couch, don't think I will miss one!) leaving the bottom open a little to stuff my pillow in. I then hand sewed the bottom shut and voila, I had 2 pieces of "art" and a decorative pillow for the cost of one matching pillow from the store!

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Anonymous said...

I have those same curtains in my master bedroom. They came with the house. I wish I had seen them on clearance. I could use another panel since the previous owner didn't cover the smaller window for some reason. She only covered the patio doors.