Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Four Seasons Room

When we first bought our house the four seasons room was bright! The previous owners had painted the walls a very bright yellow. This is a picture from our original walk through the house.

I didn't really know how we would use the space except as a pass thru from our garage into the house. I came across some curtains for $1 each at JCPenney's and it was all the inspiration I needed.
I painted the walls the color of the tan stripe in the curtains. At the time we had two dining room sets, a black high top table and an oak standard sized table. I decided to put the high top table in this room as it was not very practical to use it on a daily basis with 2 small children. As a result, the room became a formal dining room.

As you can tell from the pictures, the table was really big for the space. It worked for a few months as we pretty much just walked past it to get into the house from the garage. We had a few parties and the extra seating was nice, but otherwise the room did not get used.
In the spring, my mom's dining room chairs finally bit the dust. The backs had been falling off of the chairs for quite some time and they were no longer repairable. Since she had gotten me the oak set we were using in our dining room, I felt that she could use it more than we could since we had 2 full sets. I tore down the oak dining table and took it to my mom's to set up.

I then moved the counter height table into the dining room. It fit in the room so much better and once we got my son a booster seat to use in his chair, it actually worked well with the kids.

I was then stuck with the dilemma of what to put in the four seasons room. We needed some extra seating when we had all of our family over and we also used the room to store our shoes, coats and bags. Taking this into consideration, I decided to put a wicker patio set into the room. We were not using the set because the previous owners had left all of their patio furniture. This arrangement left plenty of room to be able to walk thru from the garage and still have space to put a shoe organizer/bench.

I love that our sunroom has a very sophisticated look that is also very functional.

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