Thursday, May 13, 2010

Finally have my basement back!

After a break from the month long remodel of our main floor, our carpenter told us that he would be over to finish up some miscellaneous stuff and put the carpet down in the basement. We were reusing the old carpet from our master bedroom and laying it on top of the old carpet that was glued down in the basement. I cleared out as much of the room as I could by myself and then had my husband help me to get the mattress and heavy stuff moved out. Finally we laid the old carpet out so that all he would have to do is trim to edges down. The next day when he didn't show it was not really a big deal. He worked for us whenever he had spare time and we figured something must have come up. After several weeks I was really getting frustrated trying to maneuver around everything we had moved out of the bedroom and into the living room and laundry room! The inspiration to finish the room came when I happened upon a gallon of mistake paint at Walmart that was in a color I could use for the room. I bought the gallon of paint for only $9, usually I cheap out and buy the Walmart brand which is $14. I cut the carpet down to fit the room, it is not perfect, but at least it isn't folded over and a tripping hazard. Then I painted the room, it took 2 coats to get the right coverage. Finally, I had my husband help me move everything back into the room. I was really glad to have the room finished, but think that I was even more happy to have the rest of the basement back to normal!

Well pretty much finished! Need to attack that pile of stuff that accumulated on my work area during the whole remodel!

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