Sunday, August 22, 2010

Brass Begone

There are so many things to do and buy when moving into a home. One of the first things that I have done upon moving into all of our homes was to change out the window coverings. Usually I reuse the rods in the house because they already fit the windows and it saves some cash. Although they were cheap and not exactly my style, I was grateful to the previous owners of our home for leaving curtain rods in most rooms of our house. I was especially grateful for the rods in our four seasons room. Though they were brass, they were barely visible once I hung the curtains that I found for the room for $1 each on clearance at JCPenney! I recently bought a cheap can of black spray paint, took the curtain rods down and just painted the ends. Though I don't have a picture of the before (bad blogger!) I think you can imagine how much better they look than they did before in all their brassy glory.

While I was at it, I also removed a radio/intercom box and painted it as well.

While it would have cost around $20 to buy 2 new rods in the color and style that I liked, it only cost me around $4 for a cheap can of spray paint. With the $4 I spent on the 4 valances in the room, I dressed both windows for less than the cost of what it would have been to buy a single curtain rod.

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Debbie said...

Pretty amazing what paint can do...looks great. Thanks for your input on my survey. Debbie