Monday, August 2, 2010

My Big Amazing Renovation

We have lots of really big plans for our house, though not as big as some of the renovations on HGTV's show by this name, they are still big to us. Our home is a story and a half, with a finished basement. It is pretty large at around 3,000 square feet finished. Though it is fairly large the main floor is so broken up that it is difficult to do any entertaining, people end up spread out all over the house and are unable to communicate with people in another room. We have discussed expanding our kitchen into the backyard, but did not feel that it would be worth the money we put into it.

I am desperate to get rid of the creamy yellow siding on our house and replace it with a beautiful dark green vinyl siding. I feel that this color would be a nice complement to the stone of our chimney and also the browns of the deck and windows. While I am the brains behind the colors and decor of our home, my husband is great with the logistics of these things. He pointed out that it would be smart to wait to re-side the house until after we change out the windows for sliding doors and add additional windows and doors to fully utilize our view.

This past weekend he realized that by building a garage off of our existing garage, we could tear down the wall between the dining room and garage and renovate the room to house our kitchen. This idea would allow us to utilize the beautiful views of the river from our entire living space. As of now, about 1/3 of our main floor is taken up by our garage. From the right corner of the picture to just past the patio chairs and brown door is all garage!

Here is a picture of just the garage:

We plan on adding the garage in this area where there is a pile of dirt (left by the previous homeowners) and a huge tree. Hopefully we would be able to make a door from this new garage into the house, so that it would still be attached.

We would also fix up the driveway as the end of our driveway has eroded leaving a large hole. We would also remove a flower bed to extend our driveway, giving us more room to maneuver vehicles and also parking for get togethers.

There is an unfinished room above our existing garage, that we plan to finish into another bedroom.

Though it will probably be several years before we completely finish the whole project (building new 2 car garage, repouring the driveway,turning the garage into a great room/kitchen, windows and siding and finishing the room above the existing garage into a bedroom) it is fun and exciting to have such a large project to plan and look forward to!

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