Saturday, January 8, 2011

Under the Kitchen Sink

Wow! Looks like somebody has a problem with shopping! We get the majority of our groceries from Sam's club so most of these are not grocery bags, but store bags from clothing purchases for the kids. I know that I should purchase reusable bags and use them whenever possible, but I really love having all of these bags to use to toss dirty diapers so they don't sit in the trash and stink up the house, putting them in my diaper bag for soiled clothes, separating wet swimsuits from dry clothes and lining small trash cans throughout the house. Obviously, I need to find a better method of containing them though! Here is another before picture after I removed all of the plastic bags:

Just your regular kitchen and household cleaning supplies and a few glass vases. I took everything out and then replaced it in a more organized manner after wiping down the shelves. The finished cabinet looked like this:

I moved the bags to our pantry and planned to take some to be recyled at the local grocery store. I was motivated to keep cleaning and moved onto the cabinets under my bathroom sinks. While cleaning I found another large refill container of antibacterial soap just like the one I had in my kitchen. I took the two bottles and dumped them together and recycled the extra container. I decided to leave the soap in my bathroom, so I had extra space in my kitchen sink cabinet. I looked around my house and found this large container that used to hold pretzels (which we bought, of course, at Sam's). I decided to smoosh all of the plastic bags into the container and place them under my sink. Here is how my cabinet looked after making this change:

I have not yet decided if I will keep the lid, put a hole in the lid or remove the lid altogether. I will have to wait to see how this functions for me and then make any necessary changes. I do love opening the cabinet now without having bags fall out all over the floor!
I am linking to A Bowl Full of Lemons 21 day organization challenge.

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