Friday, April 30, 2010

Garage Sale

I feel that I am a fairly organized person, and I believe that anyone that comes to my house would come to the same conclusion. The truth is though, that we have lots of stuff in closets and drawers that we do not use. Though nobody else can see it, it drives me crazy! About two weeks ago I went through the house (closets, drawers, kitchen cabinets) and pulled out everything that we have not used in awhile and things that we inherited from the previous owners and had no use for. I held a garage sale on Thursday afternoon and had a steady stream of customers. I was pretty proud of myself after closing it up for the day for getting some extra spending cash from items that we were no longer using. The day after I planned to open again, but weather and the kids prevented me from getting out. Saturday morning I drug everything out, then it started to rain. I drug everything back into the garage and planned to try it again the following week.
I decided to list a few of the larger items on craigslist and sold our push mower on Wednesday. I opened the garage sale again on Thursday and did not have a single person stop! I regretfully packed everything into the garage to be sorted through another day. Today I put everything that I absolutely could get rid of into the car to take to Goodwill. Some I put in the house to be listed on craigslist and the rest I put back in the closets, attic, and drawers. Though I did not get rid of everything I had intended to, I did declutter my life and made a little spending money in the process.

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