Friday, April 23, 2010

Grinnell, IA- My Eighth Home

From our brand new house in the country, we moved to an older split level home in the middle of town. Grinnell is a very small, close knit community, so our neighbors were pretty curious about us. One neighbor actually pulled out her lawn chair and sat at the end of her driveway eating popcorn and taking in the free show the day that we moved in. And boy did I give her a show! First of all, there were too many people involved in the move! "How can there be too many people?", you may ask. I had my mom working on cleaning carpets, while my brothers and husband did the heavy lifting, and my sister-in-law chased around their 2 year old. I am a bit of a control freak and I couldn't be in three places at once, like I needed to be with so many people there to help. Also, I had the placement of the furniture all figured out in my head and none of it went the way I had planned. In the end, we did get all of the furniture placed and a lot of the organizing done.

Over the next two years, I learned a lot about do-it-yourself home improvements. I removed wall paper, painted walls, experimented with chalkboard paint, changed out light fixtures, hung wallpaper, worked with molding, and learned how to use adhesive backed tiles. I also began shopping at garage sales, goodwill and other thrift stores to stretch our budget. In our first house, I thought that everything had to be brand new because the house was brand new! Our second house was quite a bit larger than our first and I had to be budget conscious in order to decorate and furnish it all.

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