Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dubuque, IA- Fifth Home

In 1994 we moved into the home that my mother lives in to this day. I remember doing a lot of remodeling to this house before we moved in. My mom let us all pick out new carpet and bedding. She replaced all of the carpet in the house, painted the kitchen cabinets, painted all of the rooms and remodeled the only bathroom in the house.

You entered this house straight into the kitchen. I loved this kitchen because it was straight out of the boardgame "Clue". We painted all of the cabinets black and the doors white, the floor was a diamond patterned black and white laminate, the appliances were all black and the curtains and accessories were all black and white. The single bathroom/laundry room that the seven of us shared was right off of the kitchen, not the greatest location for any privacy! The living room, my mom's room and an office were to the left of the kitchen. My brother and I both had rooms off of the living room on the main floor. My two youngest brothers and sister each had their own rooms on the second floor. It was so nice that we all had our very own space to retreat to.

My room was decorated in the colors of the 90's, hunter green and cranberry. I chose hunter green carpeting and had a hunter green and cranberry floral comforter that my aunt made for me. I thought I was so cool and sophisticated, but I still had posters and magazine clippings hung all over my walls.

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