Sunday, April 18, 2010

College Years

About 4 years later, I started attending the University of Northern Iowa. I moved every single year while in college(sometimes twice). The first year I lived in the dorms with my then best friend. I spent the whole summer leading up to college working to save up money for all of the things that I would need. One of my major purchases was a bunk bed/futon combo. I worked at Shopko at the time and waited for it to go on sale so it would be the absolute best price. It was perfect for the dorm because it gave us a place to sit and hang out and I actually used it in almost every house I owned after that. I also bought my own towels, dishes and bedding, all in my favorite color: hunter green. That summer I returned home to live and take classes at the local community college.

The second year, I decided to live on my own as things with my friend were not going well and I did not want to lose the friendship. My mom found a beautiful wicker shelf for me to use in my room for my tv and other storage needs. I bought a chair which my mom recovered in denim fabric for me. Finally, I made some pillows and curtains out of pillow cases and sheets in the hunter green to match my bedding (cheaper than buying curtains). That summer I moved into an apartment that my girlfriends were renting for the following year. They all went home for the summer, while I was staying to work and take classes.

The third year, I actually chose to live with my sister in the dorms. We found a double bunk bed and painted it green with yellow flowers (yellow was her favorite color). We bought green fabric with yellow daisies on it and made them into curtains. We then got a rug and loveseat at a sale of display items where our mom worked. Finally, I bought a papasan chair. Along with all of the furniture the shool provided- 2 desk and 2 dressers- our room was pretty full. That summer I moved into my boyfriends house briefly until the house I was renting was ready.

The last year I finally moved out into a house with my girlfriends. I bought a queen size bed and white dresser. I also bought a white down comforter. Soon after the second semester started, I got into a huge fight with the girlfriend that I had lived with. I contacted the landlord and found out that the girl in the one bedroom apartment in the basement wanted out, so I moved into her space. I moved up all of the furniture and things that I had used in my dorm over the years. My mom found a table for me that a coworker was getting rid of. I bought all new dishes and everything I needed to set up my own kitchen. Finally I decorated with puzzles that I put together and framed. I loved having my own space! At the end of the year when the landlord was showing the place to future renters, she told me that she had never seen one of her rentals look so nice!

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