Tuesday, April 13, 2010

East Dubuque, IL- Fourth Home

We settled into our little house in East Dubuque the summer before I started 7th grade. I was excited for a chance to reinvent myself and start fresh in a totally new school. Reinventing myself meant going from the chubby, shy girl to the thin, outgoing, popular girl. Well, I hoped. Though I lost a lot of weight, I was unable to break out of my shell and found a group of friends that was far from the popular crowd.

The house had great curb appeal, with a big sunroom (my mom's sewing room) at the front of the house. My mom used the room off of that as her bedroom, though it had not closets, I think it was technically a living or dining room. The next room was our living room. My sister and I shared the bedroom on the main floor as it was the largest bedroom. The kitchen/dining room was just past the bathroom off of the living room. My brother had a small room off of the kitchen in a hallway that led to the basement. A mudroom and pantry off of the kitchen finished off the main floor. My two youngest brothers occupied the 2 bedrooms upstairs.

After a rough year in 7th grade, we switched from the public school to the private school and also moved around our bedrooms. My sister and I took the rooms upstairs, while my younger brothers shared the single large bedroom on the main floor.

The summer after my 8th grade year, my uncle happened to be selling his house in Dubuque. Thankfully, though we were moving again, I would still be attending school with the majority of my 8th grade class.

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