Thursday, April 22, 2010

Montezuma, IA- My Sixth Home

After graduating from college, my fiancee had a job in Grinnell, IA. We went looking for houses and happened upon a tiny little house in the country.

It was very rough, but we thought we could fix it up and make it work. Unfortunately, we found out through an inspection that the house was uninhabitable. We checked into our options for building a home on the lot and were told by the bank that we could do it. We put in an offer and on the lot and it was immediately accepted. Since it would take at least 3 months to build a house, we needed someplace to live during that time. Fortunately the farmer who sold us the land, had farmland with an old farmhouse that he was willing to rent to us for $100 a month. A month later after graduating college, we moved out of our apartments and into the farmhouse.

Though it was a 2 story home with 7 rooms, we were only to occupy three rooms on the main floor. The weekend we moved in they had to completely tear out the bathroom and fix some major plumbing issues becuase the house had not been occupied for awhile and was in disrepair. We caught at least a mouse a week while we lived there from June through September, thank God we got out before winter came and it got cold out! We didn't keep anything in the kitchen cabinets because the rodents were so bad. We kept everything in bins with snap on lids. One time while my mom was visiting she went to get something out of a cupboad and I screamed at her to stay out of teh cabinets because I didn't know what she would find in them! My fiancee's mother actually cried on her way home after helping us get settled in. She said that it was the worst house she had ever left her child in (and my husband lived in some nasty bachelor pads in college!) Needless to say we were calling our builder constantly to get him to put a rush on our new home.

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