Wednesday, April 7, 2010

DIY Dresser Mirror

I wasn't going to post anything about our current house until after I went through all of the houses I have lived in, but I was so excited to show off the results of my recent project that I couldn't wait!

When we bought our bedroom set a few years ago, I had no desire to buy the matching mirror to the dresser because we didn't need it, and it was around $300. Just recently we have done some remodeling and I moved some things around and decided that a mirror would be nice above the dresser.

It all started when we remodeled our master bathroom. There was a large mirror above a double vanity that only contained one sink. When we removed the vanity to put in a single vanity and toilet, the large mirror looked out of place. We took the mirror down and bought a small one to go above the vanity. I then took the mirror to the attic in case we needed it in the future. This is what the finished bathroom remodel looks like.

After finishing the remodel of most of our main floor, the old wall mounted radio in our master bedroom looked out of place. I decided to tear out the old radio and move the picture of my children from above the dresser to cover the hole until we could repair the wall. Here is the best picture I could find, you can barely see the radio by the door.

Once I moved the framed picture above the dresser, the wall looked really bare :( I then had the bright idea to put the large mirror from the bathroom there and frame it out with molding. I hung the mirror just below the dresser with the plastic wall brackets you see with most mirrors of this size. I then took out some synthetic crown moulding that was in our basement from a project the previous owners had completed. I cut the moulding to size using a mitre box. The moulding had a curve to it since it was for crown moulding, so I had to turn it over and finish cutting through from the other side. I then painted the moulding with a couple of coats of black spray paint we had leftover.

Finally, I used some nails to attach the moulding around the outside of the mirror. Here is the before and after:


I am so happy with the result, I have gone in to the bedroom several times just to admire my handywork! It looks almost like it came with the dresser and it was completely free! Here are a few more close ups.

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