Tuesday, June 7, 2011

More vinyl wall decor

During a recent visit to Dubuque to see family, I stopped at Shopko for some bargain hunting. While there, I happened to find some vinyl wall decor on sale that was exactly what I was looking for to dress up my living room photo wall.

I think that it really helps to dress up this long wall and to connect the three separate photo groups.

I was a little uncertain of the quote, "Family, a journey to forever." At first, I thought that it sounded like family is a burden that you carry forever, and that was not what I envisioned. Soon, I came to think that having a family allows your family traditions and values to last forever by being passed on from generation to generation.

For $12 the package included 2 sets of the same vinyl, one large and one small. I still have the smaller set that I can use elsewhere in my home. I love the difference that this small addition made to my long boring wall, for around $6.

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