Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Landscaping and outdoor maintenance

After almost 2 years in our house, we are finally focusing some much needed attention on the outdoor spaces. We started by removing a very large bush from our front yard a few weeks ago. Almost 2 weeks ago, we finally picked up a truck load of river rock to fill in the raised bed we had made in it's place.

I think it still needs something, maybe a shepherds hook with some hanging flower baskets. I'm not sure, but it is definitely much better than before.
There was some rock leftover, which we put to good use in this planter under our deck. It was an eyesore with lots of weeds before. I weeded it really well, laid out some weed blocker and then covered it with the remaining rocks.

Unfortunately it was not enough to cover the smaller planter on top, but we plan to get more rock eventually for the rest of the planters along the front of the house and in the backyard. This one especially is due for a change, as it fills with grass and weeds and looks more like one of those "wildflower areas" along the highway than a cohesive garden you would see at somebody's house.

After spreading the rock, we moved onto the deck. We had several boards that were rotten. The kids had actually picked at one of the rotten boards all the way through so that one of their small feet could get stuck in the hole. We replaced 6 boards and then painted them with paint we had made to match.
I had started re-painting an exterior door last summer and the paint was so bad, I threw the can out without finishing the job. I put a fresh coat of our deck paint on the door and it turned out so well, I decided to do our front door as well. The wood skin of the door was peeling and flaking off, so I sanded it down to a smooth finish and then began painting. It took two coats, but the door looks so much more welcoming and inviting.
Randy's brother came over with his skid loader and removed the remainder of the dirt pile from the end of our driveway. Eventually when we fix the broken concrete in our driveway, we plan to pour concrete in that area as well as more of a parking pad.
Finally, we picked up more sticks and weeds from the yard and had another bon-fire. We still have to trim back several branches from the trees around the house before we have the roofers and siders here in just a couple of weeks. We have noticed a new leak and also some discoloration in the ceiling, so it is definitely becoming more of a necessity.

I am also very excited to see how it all comes together! Keep posted for pictures of the transformation!

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