Sunday, May 29, 2011

Final Living Room Reveal

About a month ago, I began making a couple of changes to our living room. After selling our old sofa on Craigslist, we found another sofa that we really liked. Unfortunately they did not have a matching loveseat or chair and a half, so we went on the hunt to find one. While we looked, I painted the living room with some leftover paint from our sunroom and bathroom. Our search for a loveseat turned up a local retailer that would order the piece we wanted at a great price. While we waited for the loveseat to come in, I also replaced our curtain panels with some from WalMart's Better Homes and Gardens line. Last week, we finally got a call that our sofa was in and ready to be picked up. Now the living room is finally ready for a big reveal.

I really love how the room turned out! I do have plans to buy some vinyl for the wall above the sofa and to get a coffee table once I come across the right thing. I love the way the room looks, but the best part about the new room is the sleeper beds in both sofas. We have used them multiple times for movie watching and for the kids to "camp out" in the living room. Not only are the beds fun for us to use on these occassions, but they are going to be very functional when we have overnight guests.

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