Sunday, April 17, 2011

Living Room Reveal

Though we have yet to receive the rest of our living room furniture, I could not wait to show off our new living room. We ordered a twin sized sleeper this week to match our steal of a deal queen sleeper, I told you about here. The twin sleeper was also a great deal and a funny story. My husband has been on the phone with several local Flexsteel dealers searching for our sofa. Finally, we went across the river to Dan Vinar Furniture in Moline to see if they could help. The store owner greeted us as we walked into the store with, "What are you looking for? We've got the best prices locally, you can't find a better deal." We told him what we were looking for and he maintained his confidence that he could do better. He then looked up the loveseat we were looking for and about choked at the price that we paid. Though he could not give us the same deal, he did order us the sofa for less than we would have paid anywhere. If you are looking for furniture, I would definitely check out Dan Vinar Furniture in Moline, I know that we will be going there first the next time we are in need of anything!
On to the living room reveal! My husband was out of town this past weekend. I took advantage of a rare quiet, rainy weekend at home to start painting the living room. I painted 3 of the four walls in a mocha color that was actually leftover from painting our sunroom. The color is a medium brown tone, though it photographed kind of mauve.

I had planned on painting the red cabinet black to give the space more of a modern feel, but really liked the pop of red in the room. I liked it so much that I pulled out some other red accessories.

I made the red pillow out of an old t-shirt several months ago, but never had a place for it. I removed the small lamps which only had like 30 watt lights and replaced them with the larger black lamps from our master bedroom. They are decorative, but also functional as the room is rather dark without a central ceiling light fixture. You can also see a corner of the wall that did not get painted.

Other side of the tv wall. I kind of like the contrast and having the tv/fireplace wall have a different paint color to make it even more of a focal point. It actually worked out for me that I saved this wall for last so that my husband could undo all of the electronics. I do have a red paint leftover from our main bath that I have contemplated using on this wall to make it really stand out. What do you think?

I love how it all came together and with things that I already had! Not a bad transformation from this before we moved in:

To this after we moved in:

This after our main floor remodel:

And finally, today:

So what do you think of painting the fireplace/tv wall red, leaving it as is, or painting it the same color as the other walls? I can't wait to show you the end result with the other sofa and fireplace wall painted.

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