Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Master Closet

Unfortunately our house was not equipped with a large walk-in closet. Though we do not have a large walk-in closet, the space that we have works as long as I keep it organized. I keep like items together (i.e. sweaters, shirts and dresses) and then organize them by color within those categories. Here is a picture of my closet before. Though all of the hanging clothes are pretty organized, the shoes are all thrown on the floor in a pile and my folded sweaters were falling off the shelf.

New clothes still in a bag on the floor!

Can you see how badly the rod bows! I also placed cardboard on top of the shelves to prevent the screws that stick up from ruining my sweaters.

I did pull out a few items that I no longer wear to donate, but for the most part it just took some re-folding and straightening to get things back in order.

The box on the floor holds my summer (seasonal) clothes.

I upgraded to all plastic hangers in college and they really are so much better than wire. I fold all of my sweaters because the weight of them on a hanger often leaves bumps in the shoulders.

It's still not perfect, but will have to do until I can install a dream closet organization system.

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