Sunday, February 27, 2011

Gift Wrap Station

I used to house all of my gift bags and tissue paper in a large plastic bin in our unused sauna. Though it was nice to keep them out of the way, it was really a pain in the you know what to get anything out of the bin when I needed it.
Recently, A Bowl Full of Lemons, had a challenge to organize your gift wrap station. When I saw her gift bags arranged on shelves, I thought about some unused shelving units in my daughters closet. I moved the shelves to my craft room and immediately set to organizing my bin of bags into the much smaller and more functional shelf. Though my station is nowhere near as cool as some I have seen, it definitely functions much better for me now.

For now, tissue paper is placed on top of the shelf. The second shelf holds baby and birthday themed bags and a box full of all of my gift tags. The next shelf holds colorful bags for all occassions. The final shelf is full of Christmas bags.

The gift boxes and wrapping paper are still in the sauna for now, but much easier to get to.

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