Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fall Freshening Up

The deck on our house is wonderful and we use it on a daily basis. The kids and I play and ride bikes on the deck everyday.

We also enjoy using the deck for entertaining our friends and family. Though we love to use the deck, it is a little worse for the wear. The railings are all peeling paint, many of the deck boards have popped up, and the floor is almost black with dirt. Over the summer I had planned on powerwashing and repainting the deck, but there was always some excuse to put it off. Finally last week, I pulled out a paint brush and the brown exterior paint the previous owners left in the basement and got to work on freshening up the deck. Here is a picture of the railing before:

A few hours later (the kids were constantly fighting and interrupting my work!) the deck looked so much cleaner and well-kept.

I attempted to clean the deck floor with some soap and water and a push broom, but it just made a mess out of the siding. I have decided to save that part of the project until I can borrow my FIL's power washer and do the job right! My husband also screwed down a few of the loose deck boards. Though it is still far from perfect, it is amazing how a few deck screws and a little paint could make such a big difference and help to camouflage some of the remaining imperfections!

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