Sunday, September 5, 2010

Buh-Bye Brass

Another thing that we took care of immediately upon moving into our home back in October, was removing all of the brass outlet covers and cabinet knobs. The day we were to sign the papers for our new house, my husband and I spent the morning running errands and getting a few of the necessities that we would need to clean up and make the house our home. Our first stop was to JCPenney for a flat screen television (guess who thought that was a necessity?) and brand new vacuum cleaner. Afterwards we went to Menards and bought outlet and light switch covers and cabinet knobs to replace the brassy and dated ones. I actually went through the house the night before on our final walk through and counted how many we would need! Here is a picture of the door knobs and outlet covers that used to accesorize our home.

After seeing what existed in the house before, can you blame me? Really?
After signing the papers for our new house, we immediately drove to the house to check it out. Soon after, we returned to my in-laws, loaded the cars up with stuff and returned to the house with my husbands entire family. While everyone perused the house and talked about all of the things we could do with it, I unloaded the contents of the vehicles into the house. Finally, I got exasperated that everyone was standing around and not helping and assisted my husband in escorting them out. My husband left with them and returned with another load before going back to spend the night in a nice comfortable bed at his parents house where we had been staying for the previous 3 months. I had already decided that I would sleep on blankets on the floor (if I slept at all) so that I could get as much done as possible. I was breastfeeding my son at the time, so I decided to keep him with me at the new house. I figured he would go to bed around 10pm like he usually did and sleep until 6 or 7am and I would get more done not having to worry about stopping to pump. Unfortunately, he got his first tooth that night. He was up most of the night screaming and crying and I had nothing to ease his pain (tylenol, ice, teething rings, nothing!) I ended up rocking and walking with him until he fell asleep. After about 45 minutes of work (changing out outlet covers, putting away boxes and cleaning) he would wake up. We repeated the process until about 5am, when I finally laid down and tried to get some sleep with him. When we awoke at 7am, I was still exhausted but driven to get as much done as I could. I took my son to spend the day with his grandmother and sister and got back to work. Thankfully, my mom arrived late that morning and helped me to get most of the kitchen and bathrooms cleaned and organized. The biggest difference though was in having all of the ugly outlet covers replaced with newer bone colored ones. Someday I hope to change all of the outlets and light switches from bone to white. Is that crazy?

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