Thursday, March 22, 2012

Here comes Peter Cottontail...

After Valentine's Day I needed something to get my house ready for Easter and Spring. While at the Dollar Store shopping for my son's birthday party, I was drawn to lots and lots of cute Easter decor. I couldn't resist, so I grabbed a bunch of things and threw them into the cart. After the birthday party and all of the Valentine decor was put away, I pulled out the items I bought and got to work.

First, I grabbed an empty vase I had laying around and filled it with Easter grass. I added a few pieces of styrofoam (for stability) and stuck a few of these adorable sparkly eggs in randomly. I finished it off with some more grass on top and wrapped the middle of the vase with the egg ribbon that I actually purchased last year.

Because that turned out so cute, I was on the hunt for more vases to put more eggs into. I remembered some green glasses that I got for my wedding and have never used. This time I filled the bottom of the cup with styrofoam, stuck in the eggs and added some grass to the top. Finally, I tied some more of the egg ribbon around the glass.

In the dining room, I used the tree and sparkly eggs to create a centerpiece for my table.

Finally, I added an egg shaped candle to a hurricane filled with grass.

Along with all of the paper decorations that I crafted last year, the house really looks springy and ready for a visit from our favorite bunny!

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