Monday, March 26, 2012

Pink & Orange Baby Shower

This past weekend we threw a baby shower for my brother and sister-in-law and their new baby Payton. They did not really have a theme in mind, but inspiration struck when I found some girly floral pink and orange invitations at Target. Once I found the invitations, the rest of the party came together easily. I have been wanting to make the tissue paper pom poms and decided that they would be perfect for this party.

Next I created some artwork with all of the details of Payton's birthdate.

Finally, I decorated the walls with clothes of varying sizes in pinks and oranges.

I used the small table to corral all of the gifts in one spot.

This worked well because they looked cute and also doubled as their gift! I also used decor that doubled as a gift in the shower that I threw for my brother and his wife a few months ago.
The party went extremely well and the new parents received lots of great gifts.

My kids even got in on the gift opening!

My daughter kept handing over gifts faster than Kristin could even open them!

The guest of honor was quiet as a mouse the entire night. She was happy to rest as the other guests passed her around, waking only to eat or have her diaper changed.

Congratulations Derek and Kristin! Welcome to the family Payton!

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