Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Two Shirts into One

I am at the point in my pregnancy where I feel like I have nothing to wear! I feel like I wear the same outfits every week and am so bored with my wardrobe! Though I have purchased some new things, most of those have been dresses and warm weather clothes for our upcoming family vacation to Florida. I am using a lot of the clothes from my previous 2 pregnancies, but this one is different in that I am always cold, whereas with my previous pregnancies, I would sweat in a short sleeve shirt and light weight pants!
With the feeling of being short on my wardrobe, I need to make use of everything that I have. Having two maternity shirts that I did not wear, was not making good use of the wardrobe I have!
The first shirt was a long sleeved wrap dress shirt. The shirt wrapped and tied in the front. Besides the fact that the tie was bulky and added to my already expanding waist, the sleeves were too short. I got a little ahead of myself, so this picture is after I had cut the sleeves off.

The second was a short sleeved sweater with an attached collar. Though I loved this shirt, it was not warm enough. In this picture, I had already inserted one of the sleeves from the wrap shirt to see how it would work.

I cut the sleeves off of the dress shirt just past the shoulder seam. Then I turned both shirts inside out and matched us the shoulder seams, pinning the two pieces together. I then hand stitched the two pieces together.
Doubting Thomas, my husband, looked at me while I was sewing the shirts together and said, "I am going to laugh when that doesn't look right and you have wasted all of this time on it!" Thanks a lot honey!
After watching a few of my favorite shows, I was finished and turned the shirt right side out. I couldn't see any of the stitches and it did not look bulky or crooked, so I rushed to my room and immediately tried it on. I was ecstatic that it fit and gloated to my husband that it turned out exactly the way I imagined.
I had my 4 year old daughter take this morning as we rushed out the door to daycare and work. It's not the best picture, but I love my new shirt!

Right behind me is a project that I have been working on for several weeks now! I'm hoping to get that finished and out of my dining room this week. I may not have anything to wear, but I have been seriously nesting and that means that a lot of my to-do's are getting crossed off!

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