Monday, January 16, 2012

Coffe filter and yarn wreaths

Several months ago, I decided to jump on the band wagon and make my own coffee filter wreath. I purchased a straw wreath from Michaels and a couple of packages of coffee filters from the Dollar Store. One night when Randy was out of town and after the kids had gone to bed, I plugged in my glue gun and got to work. I started by folding an entire package of filters. This part was tedious, but it worked easier to have everything ready so that once I got to gluing, I had lots of filters prepared. Once I had the filters all folded, I started by gluing the filters to the outside edge of the wreath. I glued them overlapping each other by the tips to make it extra full.

A close up:

When the edge was finished, I started gluing filters onto the main part of the wreath. If you look closely, you will see that the filters are attached different on the front and sides. I glued the first row on the front so that the tip of the filter was even with top of the filter on the outside. After going around the entire front of the wreath, I did another row, staggered so that the tip was glued on between the tips of two other filters. I repeated this until I had about 4-5 rows and it completely covered the front.

Once the middle was finished, I glued filters onto the inside of the wreath in the same method that I used on the outside.
I love how fluffy it is. Although it is perfect for the winter months because it reminds me of a giant snowball, I think that it could be pretty all year round.

My second wreath was a yarn wreath for Valentine's Day. Several months ago, I purchased a heart shaped straw wreath from Goodwill for $1.25. I had plans to cover it in felt rolled flowers, but love the look of the yarn wrapped wreaths. I decided that the heart shaped wreath would look to busy with the rosettes and so decided to wrap it in yarn. I purchased some red yarn this past weekend for $2.00 and sat down to watch my DVR during the kids nap. I taped the end of the yarn in place on the back of the form. Then I wrapped the yarn very closely together one time around the entire wreath form. There were a few spots where the straw stuck out and let the wreath form show through, so I went around the whole wreath a second time, really concentrating on filling in the few blank spots. I cut the yarn when I was finished and hot glued it to the back. Finally, I tied a piece of yarn on the top for hanging.

I love the new wreath! My seasonal wreath looked pretty boring last year with just the red heart garland. The yarn wreath helps to fill it in a little. Though the heart shaped yarn wreath adds a little extra, I still think that something is missing. I am thinking about adding some accents in pink, maybe cut out hearts or cupids. Adding some letters to spell a Valentines sentiment might be nice as well.

What wreaths have you made lately?

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