Saturday, January 21, 2012

Kids Art Displays

Like most kids, my kids love to draw, color and paint. I have stacks of their artwork and have run out of room to display it on the refrigerator and closet doors of our main floor.
Since their rooms are on the second story of a story and a half home, they both have walls where the ceiling slopes and meets the wall at about half the height of the opposite wall. These walls have mostly remained undecorated and bare. Aidan's bedroom: the bed is up against the wall and there is no artwork.

Reese's room: I had moved the rocking chair to another part of the room and the vanity is in storage as she rarely used it, leaving the changing table and a dresser on either end of the wall, nothing in the middle!

I recently had a lightbulb moment and thought, why not turn that unused space into an art display? The kids could proudly display their art in their own rooms and it would give me something interesting to put on these boring, blank walls.
Aidan had three hooks in his room that I originally purchased on clearance at Marshall's to hang his baby quilt in his room. I took the hooks down and replaced them with Command Hooks.

I then hung the decorative hooks on the long short wall. I tied a strand of yarn between each of the hooks and simply used clothespins to attach the art to the yarn.

The kids were playing in their rooms as I worked on this quick project. As I stood back to see how the display looked, Reese came in and immediately asked, "Mommy, where is mine? I want to hang my pictures too!"
I did not have any extra decorative hooks, so I screwed eye screws into the wall and tied yarn between them. I plan to keep looking for something decorative to add to these screws, but they do the job for now!

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