Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Open House

I have had most of the decor up around our house for several weeks. With Christmas around the corner, I thought that it was finally time to invite you in to take a look around.
I inherited some wood reindeer and a plastic santa from my mother after she cleaned out her garage this fall. With the addition of the deer, I decided to tweak my outdoor decor. I put icicle lights up on the roof, as I did last year. Instead of continuing the icicle lights along the deck railing, I placed the reindeer in our raised planter bed and strung lights between them to look like a lighted tree.

Santa stands near the door, that is decorated in red and green wreaths, to greet guests to our home.

The trees I bought for our porch several years ago, did not hold up very well in the wind and elements last year, so I moved them into our entry.

They add a little bit of sparkle when they are all lit up at night!

Just like last year, I hung a few ornaments from the light fixture in the entryway.

Our living room is right off of the entry, and the perfect place for our tree.

A few weeks after putting the tree up, we came home to this:

Fortunately, very few of our ornaments were broken! And I had an excuse to put the ornaments on a little more evenly (i.e. not all on the bottom 1/4 of the tree), as I could not let the kids help as they may step in or touch a broken glass ornament and get cut.
The living room also houses one of my favorite decorations, my Nativity set. It was a gift last year from my husband's grandmother. (I think that I kept it up until June last year because I didn't want to put it away!)

I hang our stockings from the fireplace in the living room every year. Because of my husband's obsession with very large electronics (we had to buy a 72" tv this year because the 60" just wasn't cutting it anymore), there is not much room for much besides our stocking holders. I finally added some fur letters to our stockings so that we can tell which one belongs to us without looking inside. I did uppercase letters for my husband and I and lower case letters for the kids.

My dining room is the same as last year, with my upcycled crib rail card holder and ornament centerpiece. I did add a fluffy coffee filter wreath to the window.

My kitchen is also complete with the addition of my holiday plates and mugs that I have used for years.

Last year, I decided to buy a few fake trees at the end of the season. One of those trees went upstairs in the hallway between my children's rooms. I had lots of silver, purple and blue ornaments that my husband and I had bought for our very first tree together. They have sat in storage all these years, because I decided to switch to a more traditional red, green and gold palette the next year. The silver, purple and blue looks very icy and wintery on a white tree.

I diy'ed a silver tinsel garland for the topper, trimmed a tree skirt in more silver garland and also made some star ornaments out of a baking dishes like Nike from Thrive.
With that, my Christmas Open House has come to the end. I hope you enjoyed your peek into our holiday decor. I want to thank you for taking a look around and also wish you a very Happy Holidays!

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