Monday, December 26, 2011

The boys who have everything

I have difficulty every year thinking of something unique to get for my nephews. They are totally into anything motorized (trucks, tractors, equipment and trains) and love helping their dad fix or work on anything from house to car repairs. Over the past 3 and 2 years of their young lives, they have acquired almost every toy truck, tractor and train you can imagine from the itty bitty, to practically life sized. And their obsession is not just limited to toys. If there is a shirt or piece of clothing with these things, they have that as well!
With large families on both sides, it is even more difficult to get something unique or special. I began thinking about Christmas early this year and decided to incorporate some of my letter art into my Christmas gifts, but the architectural letters were not exactly going to impress these two. So this summer, I began looking through the garage for tools that could look like the letters in their names. Neither my husband or I are very handy, but suprisingly, I was able to find tools to represent all of the letters of their names and then some.
Without further adieu, here is what I came up with for the boys who have everything:

I'm sure that it was not as exciting for them to open as some of the other gifts that they received this Christmas, but I hope that these personalized pieces of art will hang in their rooms and bring them joy long after all of the trucks and toys are packed away.

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