Thursday, August 18, 2011

Domino Effect

Several weeks ago I painted our neutral dining room a bright and mustardy yellow. I loved how the color looked with all of the dark wood tones in the room. It also related well to the gold tones in the window treatment. But the rug seemed very out of place after such a bold color change.

Thankfully, my husband has always hated the rug and was on board with looking for another. While shopping this past weekend at Kohl's, I happened to notice that the rugs were 50% off. I looked through the rugs and one immediately grabbed my attention. I pulled it out and looked at it closer, then put it back on the shelf. I turned to leave and stopped to go back and put the rug in my cart. My mom had an extra 30% off coupon and I figured that I could always return it if my husband did not like it. So we checked out and I got my $100 area rug for just $35!
We got home late that night, so after putting the kids to bed, I opened the rug and immediately placed it under the table. I swear I heard birds singing, it was so lovely! Then I called my husband in to see what he thought of the new rug. His reaction was a little less dramatic: "Looks like a rug to me."
Though my husband was very reserved that night, he did comment the next morning that he did like it. I have to admit that it looked even better to me the next morning also!

Yes that is my son peeking out from the edge of the photo!

He's still there behind the table.

While my husband may not have been very excited, I think that the new rug gives the room a much richer feel. Isn't funny how one change brings about another and then another! What changes have you made lately?

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