Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Procrasti- santa and some elves

Approximately 12 years ago (yes you read that right, more than a decade ago) I bought this pattern from Simplicity:

I made 2 to give away and had a third one cut out and ready to be sewn together. At that point I lost all initiative to finish the last Santa. Several years later I moved the cut pieces from my mom's house to my first house with my husband and to every house we have owned since then. Recently, I decided that it was finally time to put the Santa together!

His eyes are blue beads, I used blush for his rosy cheeks and I drew in the eyelashes with a scrapbooking marker.

He turned out absolutely adorable and I love him! I ran out of fur after trimming the sleeves and hat. Fortunately, I was going to visit my mom and she just happened to have some in her stash. Here he is again after finishing off his coat with the fur trim:

I'm so mad that I did not finish this project sooner!

Soon after finishing the Santa, I saw a tutorial for an Elf on the Shelf by Andi at Jane of All Crafts(isn't that just the best name for a crafty blog? I love it!). I was first introduced to the Elf on the Shelf 3 years ago. It is a little doll that Santa sends to be his eyes and ears to make sure that little boys and girls are nice. I really wanted one, but was not willing to pay the $30 to buy the little elf and accompanying book. I was having so much fun with my sewing machine, that I decided to try the Elf as well. I purchased some felt and took some scraps of red and green fabrics from my mom's stash and went to work using Andi's tutorial. Within a few hours I had an adorable little elf (much cuter than the plastic headed elf in the kit, if I do say so myself). I then made enough elves to give one to each of my family members with kids.

Again, I drew the faces on the elves with my scrapbooking markers.

Here the elves are playing around with Santa.

My family is getting together to celebrate Christmas the second week of January and I can't wait to give these adorable elves to my even more adorable nieces and nephews! Thanks Andi for the awesome tutorial!

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