Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spoke too soon!

We are still settling into our house of 6 months, we recently finished a remodel of most of the main floor of our home, and I have a list a mile long of all of my dreams and plans for our house over the years to come. So imagine my surprise when my husband calls me and asks my opinion about picking up and moving from Iowa to Minnesota! I quickly reminded him of our deal (unfortunately not signed with blood or witnessed by a lawyer!) that this would be our last house and that if he were to ever mention the subject of moving, I would be granted a divorce, free and clear. Seriously, that is how much I dispise moving! My strong feelings are mostly due to the kids. I really want them to grow up someplace that they can call home and be able to build strong relationships that will last a lifetime. Also, here we have the support of my husband's entire family, who all live with 20 miles and my family lives just a short 90 miles away.

I realize that this would be a pretty stupid stipulation that we could never move again if my husband were offered a chance to take a promotion or offered a once in a lifetime opportunity, such as working abroad, so I am willing to compromise. I told him that if he were ever offered an opportunity to work abroad, we would go with him as long as the kids were not in school, otherwise he would have to travel home as often as he could in order to see us. Even though we have the verbal agreement of divorce for moving, I told him that I would be willing to relocate and take up residence in an apartment or condo that we could afford as long as we maintained ownership of this house and were back before the kids started school. I think that this really surprised him, he didn't expect that I would have put that much thought into the subject, but definitely made sense. The place where we currently live is the only place he thinks of as home because he grew up around here. He has always wanted his children to grow up and share some of the same experiences he did, such as attending the same schools. So I know that while we may have a few other "homes" in our future, we will always come back to our current home which is and always will be our forever house!

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