Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Freebie dresser and a fail

We have had my cheapie college dresser in Reese's room since she was born. It was a perfect fit flanked by several matching shelves to give her open closet a built in look. A little girls dream closet!

When we moved into our current house, the dresser was really starting to fall apart (I don't know why, it was only 8 years old!). Though we had glued and screwed it back together, the drawer fronts continued to pull off when you opened the drawer.
I had been trolling Craigslist and found a white Ikea Hemnes 8 drawer dresser listed for $100. It was too good to be true! Even though I contacted the seller immediately, I never heard back. Unfortunately, someone must have beat me to it!

Recently, my neighbor asked if I knew anyone that would be interested in a dresser. She was trying to clean out her garage and she was willing to give it away to get rid of it. I jumped on the opportunity and snatched it right up. I cleaned it up and drug it upstairs to my daughter's room. It fits perfectly on the wall by her closet and provides so much more storage.

My neighbor thought that I should paint it, but the chips in the paint add to the shabby chic feel that goes perfectly with the rest of the furniture in the room. I do plan to add some different pulls eventually, hopefully some dainty glass knobs to dress it up a little bit.

The old dresser found a new home hidden in her closet. It houses clothing that is out of season and therefore is not used as much.

I had added some cork board to the changing table/dresser in my daughter's room to make it functional for displaying artwork.

Unfortunately, the adhesive included with the cork board was not strong enough and the cork fell of within a few days. I reattached the cork using an adhesive spray that I had on hand and again, the cork fell of within a few days. I have not gotten around to replacing the cork, but hopefully some gorilla glue or other adhesive will be effective in keeping it in place because it is looking pretty ugly now!

On a positive note, roofing and siding has started on our house and we should be ready for a reveal in about 2 weeks! It is looking so good, I cannot wait to share!

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