Friday, May 24, 2013

Welcoming Entrance

The front door to our home, while nice, was definitely not our taste. It also was not very effective at keeping things out. The entire door frame could be rocked, water leaked in the bottom and it was difficult to close and lock. We called in our favorite home improvement company and looked through the overwhelming options. The first style we picked out was not available in our door size, but we persevered and found a second option that was perfect. We picked out the interior and exterior door colors, door handles, trim and finishing options and then began the wait. Five weeks later, they finally called to say that the door was in and they were ready to install. When I got home the first day I could not believe the progress they had made. Both our new front door and new patio door were in! They secured everything and came back the next day to finish adding the interior and exterior trims. The new front door is absolutely beautiful and I love how the red pops off of the yellow siding and pulls in the colors of our roof. The patio door gives us so much more light and air flow, as well as giving us easier access to our deck.

Here is a shot of both doors:

 And a close up of the patio door:

The front door:

Much different than the before before (pre-siding):
And the before (post-siding):
I absolutely love both of our new doors not only for the changes to the exterior of our house, but also because of the changes to the interior. We plan to install all new white moulding and white paneled interior doors eventually, and these doors gave us the start to this project.
Now that the doors are installed, I really need to finish caulking and painting the mouldings that I installed this winter in the entryway! I can't wait for summer to start to have a little more time to finish this and other projects around the house.